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A writing community for mothers of children of all ages…

Write on Mama! is a writing community for mothers of children of all ages. Once a month we provide a space for you to write and think, some writing prompts to get you back into a writing flow and special guests to inspire all of us to keep a creative practice going. Come and write about where you are right now in the land of motherhood, or maybe you have a stalled project you want to get back to? Whatever it is, make some time once a month to get back to your voice. We always spend time reading to each other, but there’s no pressure to participate.

Babies in arms can be in this session. Please arrange for childcare for older children. You can also bring a caregiver or visit The Ontario Early Years Centre which is onsite. Call and make a point of visiting that way you can access their caregiver-for-hire list . We also have a list of teenage sitters who will come and hold babies during the session.

We meet once a month from Sept – May (not in Dec) on the last Saturday of the month from 10 am to 12 pm. Come find us in the Flex Studio at Artscape Youngplace at 180 Shaw Street.

$15 or PWYC

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Past Sessions:

We have two amazing sessions coming up with a needlework focus. These sessions are a collaboration between two of our Write on Mama! members, Sarah Jane Di Lorenzo and Zorianna Zurber. All Write on Mama! sessions are $15 or PWYC. There might be additional fees for supplies depending on the session. You are always welcome to come and simply work on whatever you please even if there is a specific session planned. This is a very supportive place to get back into a creative practice…

***Please note that needles will be used at this session.***

April 29th/17 from 10 am -12 pm

Needlework is an old, sacred, feminine tradition. Like motherhood, this work merges the ability to mend and create that is both practical and transformative. Come explore the intersection of hand sewing and handwriting, through the themes of poetry, structure and stitching. Sarah Jane Di Lorenzo will read poems from her collection, Needlework, and lead a writing practice based on three meanings of needles: proverbial, medical and instrumental. Suzanne Desrochers will then share a selection from her novel, The Bride of New France and inspire us with a rich writing prompt. All materials will be provided.

Saturday, June 3rd/17 from 10 am -12pm
***Please note this is in place of our May session***

The continual rocking motion of the hand sewing needle can become a meditative practice. Hand sewn garments and décor evoke loving memories of the person who made them. Parallel lines and surface patterns of thread can repair a beloved garment, giving it a new life.

Zorianna Zurba will lead us as we playfully explore stitching on hand sewn items that offer us meaning. Please consider bringing a threadbare denim garment to repair or a shirt or jeans to decorate with a surface pattern. Experience with sewing, needlework, surface design, or embroidery is not necessary for this session. Openness to experimentation and a playful approach to text(iles) is encouraged.

Participants will have a few project options:
1. Stitching text onto a garment or textile
2. Creating a surface pattern on a garment or textile.

Some thrifted-denim infant garments will be available for purchase. For those who would prefer to write, they are welcome to continue their practice without interruption.

All other materials will be provided.