birth story poems

birth story poems ~ a workshop

The birth story is such a giant, life-changing story. It’s so big and complex that sometimes it’s easier to put it aside for a later date. But, we all need to walk through our birth story many times to make sense of it. If you’ve been thinking about taking time to process yours some more or maybe recording it for your child, this might be a good place to start.

In this workshop, we begin to crack open the birth story one poem at a time. With simple writing prompts we pick away at small moments in your story, transforming them into basic 3-line poems. Even if you’ve never written a poem in your life, you’ll be surprised at how this process writes the poems for you. We finish the session off by moving the poems into a handmade book or *chapbook that you can carry away in your pocket.

You will need your hands free now and then to write and work with your chapbook, so please feel free to bring your pre-crawling baby. Otherwise, see if you can arrange childcare so you can have your hands free.

This workshop is divided into 2 parts so that you have a week to process the poems before we work on the chapbook.

This workshop can be arranged for your own group in a venue of your choice, or inquire about having a time and place organized for your group.

Just a clarification that this is not a therapy session for processing the birth story, it is primarily a writing workshop. Having said that, hard feelings and sadness might arise in the workshop, which is perfectly ok. Please take care to walk through your birth story with someone who is a good listener before you take this session.

All supplies are provided.


$40 + HST

*A chapbook is a small collection of poetry, generally no more than 40 pages, that often centers on a specific theme.

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