‘go slow mama’ series

Go Slow Mama 4-week session :

a workshop that incorporates baby massage, meditation, writing and community connection

The series explores creativity as a way to navigate the early days of motherhood, providing a slower and deeper way to learn the art of baby massage and devoting special attention to self-care and taking time to find your voice.

Using journaling and simple meditation exercises, we will look at self-care and general well-being on the motherhood trip. The sessions are about getting grounded and finding your own voice and path in a supportive atmosphere free of judgement and ‘advice giving’.

This session is easier if your baby is pre-crawling. This class will get you set up to start massaging your baby with confidence. But, if you want further instruction, you can book a private session or set up your own group session.

Massage is a wonderful way to connect and bond with your baby. This session will help you develop a routine of healing touch that will be at your fingertips for years to come. I will guide you through a full body relaxation massage while you massage your baby. Learn strokes and techniques that will help relax your baby as well as specific techniques to alleviate digestive discomfort. This session is also about developing confidence with your hands and relaxing in the midst of the unknown.

What you’ll need…

  • diaper bag with extra receiving blanket
  • an extra change pad
  • toy and soother – if applicable
  • olive oil
  • container for oil – something that dispenses easily
  • large bath towel
  • a thin pillow
  • a journal and your favourite pen

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