go slow mama

go slow mama offers deep relaxation massage therapy  (+ pre and postnatal massage) and writing based workshops for mothers who are looking for soulful ways to navigate the early days of motherhood and beyond.

Going slow is about making careful decisions about what you can and cannot take on, so you can enjoy the ride and maybe even thrive and then make room for things that feed your soul.

Deep Relaxation Massage Therapy

My focus is on giving a grounding full-body massage that will get you re-connected to your breath and help you feel like you can start again. I like to work with Jon Kabat Zinn’s approach to breath awareness, which is something you can take with you when you leave and something that might profoundly change how you treat your body and live your life.

With almost 30 years experience as an RMT, I have slowly come to the realization that I am simply facilitating your wellness. When you find your breath and let your body and mind get connected, things start to work better.

This is for all mamas and for your family too…

I am also known for my specialty in perinatal massage, having trained with the wonderful folks at Trimesters Massage Education.

Postnatal IN-BED massage session

A truly nurturing massage therapy treatment for the early post-partum period, allowing you to crash in your bed right after the massage AND nurse or feed your baby on demand.

An overview of what I offer:

Intro to Baby Massage

A great class for new and veteran mamas with wee babies not yet crawling, to learn baby massage basics and to get you on a slow moving path. Taught with the special ‘go slow mama’ approach with a bit of creative writing and relaxation. For more baby massage instruction, you can book a private session or create your own group.

And speaking of writing…

Birth Story Poems

This workshop will give you a strategy for writing your birth story with surprising ease, breaking it down into small poems.

Write on Mama!

Once a month I facilitate a writing group for mothers of children of all ages, which is my way of creating community – something we need the whole way through. I really believe that if we have a creative practice – and writing is just one way to get there – we will stay more in touch with who we are and ultimately make better decisions about our well being. In this session, we make time to read to each other, which is especially magnificent. You need to know you are not alone on this motherhood path and this is one great way to make that happen.