deep relaxation massage

Deep Relaxation Massage Therapy

I think of Deep Relaxation, as providing a place for your body to land and for your breath to be present again. I believe that the body heals better when we are in a state of deep relaxation.

My work is centered around the idea that you are in charge of the healing process and I am the facilitator. My ultimate goal is for you to leave the session feeling like you have realigned and anchored, like being able to start again.

With almost 30 years experience as an RMT, I have come to a very simple realisation — that when you find your breath and let your body and mind get connected, things start to work better.

I like to work with Jon Kabat Zinn’s approach to breath awareness. The breath is a powerful tool for anchoring,  which can profoundly change how you treat your body and live your life.

This is for all mamas and for your family too…

I am also known for my specialty in perinatal massage, having trained with the wonderful folks at Trimesters Massage Education.

Postnatal IN-BED massage sessions

Inquire about a deeply nurturing postnatal treatment soon after labour to restore your strength and encourage healing. Available in your home.

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