write on mama!

A writing community for mothers of children of all ages…

Write on Mama! is a writing community for mothers of children of all ages. Once a month we provide a space for you to write and think and some writing prompts to get you back into a writing flow. Come and write about where you are right now in the land of motherhood, or maybe you have a stalled project you want to get back to? Whatever it is, make some time once a month to get back to your voice. We always spend time reading to each other, but there’s no pressure to participate. Babies in arms can be at this session. Please contact me for more information about this session. laura@goslowmama.com.

We are writing temporarily at Miss Pippa’s at 1158 College Street. No charge. Spend you $ on drinks or snacks while you write. 7pm – 10 pm.

The gorgeous illustration above was made for us by Marlena Zuber.

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write on mama!