Welcome to Go Slow Mama…

I am a singer-songwriter, mother and a Massage Therapist based in Toronto, Canada. The  healing work I do is primarily with families with a focus on the postnatal time-frame, where mothers often become invisible and isolated. I see creativity as key to this healing journey and as a way to own one’s motherhood experience and reconnect with community.

My music and songwriting was a way to navigate the early days of motherhood which slowly helped to make sense of my new identity. Writing has been like a healing balm on my motherhood trip — showing up in songwriting, poetry, journalling and in groups writing with other mothers.

I think of motherhood as a ‘work in progress’, curated by the mother herself and ‘Go Slow Mama’ as the home for the soulful healing adventures of all mothers who want to get back to a creative practice . I like the idea of having a relationship with creativity that is on the slow side, to keep it grounded. I have a drawing practice that is meditative, because I notice my desire to make it better and perfect and then it starts to crush me.

To that end I’ve created some workshops and groups for mothers of children of all ages that are supportive as a way back in to your own voice. . Also welcome are other primary caregivers and parents who need this kind of support, and folks in the LGBTQ2S community who feel a kinship with the work I do.

Here are some of the things I’m offering at the moment:

Write on Mama

Dearest Anxiety (a collaboration with Nina K Moore)

Birth Story Poems

Go Slow Mama ~ a 4 wk session for new mothers + an shorter intro to GSM

Deep Relaxation Massage

RMT background:

Laura Repo-Davis is a Toronto based Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), songwriter and mother, working in the west end downtown Toronto. She has been practicing Massage for over 30 years after having graduated from Kikkawa College for Massage Therapy in 1988. She has a general massage therapy practice with a focus on deep relaxation and stress reduction and is also known for her specialty in perinatal massage and baby massage instruction. She has taken specialized courses in perinatal massage and baby massage with Trimesters Massage Therapy Education, including training as a labour and postpartum Doula. Laura has extensive experience teaching baby massage, having coached hundreds of new parents in workshops in a wide variety of settings across the GTA including, Baby and Me; Centre for Growing Families with Sasha Padron; Ella Center for Parenting and Pregnancy; Jill and the Beanstalk; Ontario Early years Center; North Liberty Studio; The Stop; Surrey Place Centre; Whole Play, Yoga Space and The Annex Clinic.

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