the art of baby massage

“Being touched and caressed, being massaged, is food for the infant, food as necessary as minerals, vitamins and proteins”   Dr Frederick Leboyer, author of Loving Hands

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Thursday, June 8th
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The Art of Baby Massage….a small story

When Sami was a baby we had a very simple baby massage routine. I lay out a giant towel on our bed, found the coconut oil and plunked him down. It wasn’t a bed-time routine, rather something for the morning when he was alert and in a good mood. My goal was just to spend time with him and to get the oil on his body – nothing complicated. My midwife, Brigitte Lynch, recommended a full body oiling with olive oil every day as great skin care for babies. Even though I was an RMT and well versed in baby massage, that simple instruction made it feel easy to manage when even small things felt overwhelming.

So, just get the oil on and don’t worry about whether you’re doing it the ‘right’ way. Let your hands be soft and just go slow. A full body oiling every day with olive oil or coconut oil.

This is where we start in the Art of Baby Massage class I teach once a month. You’ll feel more confident in what you already know after the class. Plus we’ll take a look at techniques for digestive discomfort. But, this class is also for you: some relaxation and some writing, to further anchor you on your motherhood journey. Even if you feel tired or if you think your baby is having a fussy week, this is the perfect place for you.

About the Workshop:

In many cultures, babies are massaged routinely, long into childhood. Touching, stroking, caressing, talking to and cuddling, helps parent and baby to bond and gives the baby a feeling of security and oneness.  Studies show that babies gain weight faster, sleep longer and enjoy better health if they are massaged regularly. Other benefits of massage include facilitating motor coordination, improving sleep, soothing babies with colic and strengthening the immune system.

Massage is a wonderful way to connect and bond with your baby. This session will help you develop a routine of healing touch that will be at your fingertips for years to come. I will guide you through a full body relaxation massage while you massage your baby. Learn strokes and techniques that will help relax your baby as well as specific techniques to alleviate digestive discomfort. This session is also about developing confidence with your hands and relaxing in the midst of the unknown. I always make time for a short meditation for mamas and some writing to help anchor yourself on your motherhood journey.

The groups are small to provide for one-on-one instruction. There is an opportunity for discussion and a review of all the techniques at the end of the session.  Handouts are provided.  We follow the book “Nurturing Touch” by Kalena Babeshoff.

This workshop is also offered one on one – to individual families or caregivers for a more relaxed and intimate learning experience. You can also book a class in your home with a group or bring a small group to my location.

This session is also part of a 4 week ‘go slow mama series‘ that you can register for, which is a slower way to learn baby massage with a creative twist.

What to bring to the class:

  • diaper bag with extra receiving blanket
  • an extra change pad
  • toy and soother – if applicable
  • olive oil
  • container for oil – something that dispenses easily
  • large bath towel
  • a thin pillow


go slow mama

This four week session is a slower way to absorb The Art of Baby Massage and also incorporates other elements: writing, lullabies and deep relaxation. The series explores creativity as a way to navigate the early days of motherhood, providing a slower and deeper way to learn the art of baby massage and devoting special attention to self care.

Next session:
TBA – please inquire about dates or setting up a session for your group. Minimum 4 to create your own group.

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