Baby Massage

Baby Massage – A Full Body Oiling.

When Sami was a baby we had a very simple baby massage routine. I lay out a giant towel on our bed, found the coconut oil and plunked him down. It wasn’t a bed-time routine, rather something for the morning when he was alert and in a good mood. My goal was just to spend time with him and to get the oil on his body – nothing complicated. My midwife, Brigitte Lynch, recommended a full body oiling with olive oil every day as great skin care for babies. Even though I was an RMT and well versed in baby massage, that simple instruction made it feel easy to manage when even small things felt overwhelming.

So, just get the oil on and don’t worry about whether you’re doing it the ‘right’ way. Let your hands be soft and just go slow. A full body oiling every day with olive oil or coconut oil.

This is where we start in the Intro to Baby Massage class I teach once a month. You’ll feel more confident in what you already know after the class. Plus we’ll take a look at techniques for digestive discomfort. But, this class is also for you: some relaxation and some writing, to further anchor you on your motherhood journey. Even if you feel tired or if you think your baby is having a fussy week, this is the perfect place for you.