Go Slow Mama introduces…

A workshop series for mamas with small babies who are looking for soulful ways to navigate the early days of motherhood.

Starting on Monday January 14th80 Gladstone Ave.,
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These workshops will explore four areas: developing a writing practice to connect with your experience of mothering; getting back into your breath and your sleep deprived body with deep relaxation; bonding with your baby through baby massage and finding your voice by singing lullabies and starting to write your own lullaby. These workshops are organized as a series, with each topic woven into all sessions.

Here’s what we will cover in our month together:

The Art of Baby Massage

This session is about finding out how YOU massage your baby and developing confidence with your hands. It is about relaxing yourself in the midst of the unknown. It is about bonding with your child and giving them your loving touch.  You will be guided through a full body massage for your baby, while you massage along. There will be time to  practice a variety of  relaxing massage strokes as well as learning specific techniques to help alleviate digestive discomfort.

Writing Through The Twilight Zone

Let this session inspire you to start a writing practice, helping you to find your voice during the all consuming days of mothering your baby. You will be encouraged to write about where you are right now. We will also take a look at different ways of  writing your birth story and beginning to map out the journey that you are on.


Lullabies of The Land

Laura brings her love of song writing and singing to this workshop.  She has drawn inspiration from the coal mining songs her father sang to her as well as the Finnish lullabies passed on by her mother – songs she still sings to her son. You will learn a few of her favorite traditional lullabies; begin to think about the significance of the first songs we hear as children; then start writing your own lullaby. This will be a session to explore your voice and to be part of a group lullaby choir for all the babies in the audience.


Deep Relaxation

A session dedicated to getting you back into your body by connecting with your breath. This will be a chance to learn a few basic meditation techniques that will help bring your sleep deprived body into a state of deep relaxation Learn how to surrender and feel  restored. Go slow mama…

Things to bring to each session:

  • Diaper bag with extra receiving blankets
  • extra change pad
  • a bottle with olive oil – small with squeeze top if possible
  • large bath towel
  • a thin pillow
  • large spiral bound notebook or journal and pens.